You’re going to want to take a sip of your coffee and hang on for this one. I don’t get political on Facebook or anywhere often, but this just absolutely infuriates me. DCYF is cutting funding to programs and organizations that offer help to foster families, including kinship providers, among other things.

Here’s the best part: they are going to create “a unit internally” to remedy their decision. In other words, they are going to handle it themselves. Yes, let me say it one more time in case I’m not making sense. The very organization that can barely handle what they have in front of them now is going to try and create another program internally.

Let’s just take a look at some of the highlights:

  1. Federal report finds DCYF shortcomings
  2. Nicholas Alahverdian calls for Gina Raimondo to drop out of Governor’s race due to 1,450% increase in foster child fatalities
  3. DCYF expert calls for immediate House and Senate review of long-delayed DCYF legislation that would satisfy federal concerns
  4. DCYF report: 8 child fatalities, 23 near fatalities in RI over two-year span
  5. Report: DCYF Strained by Caseload, Needs Large Improvements

Here is just a sprinkle of our personal experiences:

  • Showing up to pick up an infant without a car seat- more than once.
  • Losing paperwork and missing visits.
  • Leaving a child that’s supposed to be on a supervised visit.
  • Taking a social worker off a case because they reported a negative incident between the birth parent and child during a visit.

The greatest hit you ask? Letting a birth parent, who has a suspended license, drive away with an infant during a supervised visit with no idea of where they are going. It gets better! The vehicle used was registered to a rental car agency in Providence known for renting cars to drug dealers, because they accept cash and don’t need a license on file.

When is the federal government or someone going to step in and do something about this to protect these children?

This guy is fighting!