Navigating the adoption process can feel like a monumental task to prospective parents.  Working with an adoption agency ensures parents will have support throughout the process and complete all of the necessary requirements.  Countless adoption agencies exist in the United States alone, so what is the best way to narrow your search criteria?

First and foremost, select an agency that is licensed and reputable.  This information– and a large volume of other information– can be found on agency websites.  When exploring international adoption, look for a Hague-accredited [as in The Hague Convention – a multi-national agreement designed to protect international adoptions], as that is the universal accreditation.

According to Very Well Family, here are some of the most successful adoption agencies to support in 2021 and beyond:

Children’s Home Society and Lutheran Social Service
Consistently praised for their extensive support pre and post-adoption, CHLSS stays with the family before, during, and after the adopting process. Noted for their transparency, reputation, and staff support, CHLSS works with a handful of domestic states and is paired with agencies in eight countries.

Holt International
Though Holt International does handle domestic adoptions in the U.S., the Christian-based program specializes in international work. It is Hague-accredited and works with countries in Africa [Ethiopia & Uganda], Asia [India, China, Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, South Korea, & Mongolia], Europe [Bulgaria], North America [Haiti], and South America [Columbia]. Their website offers comprehensive parental requirements for each country.

American Adoptions
American Adoptions exclusively handles domestic adoptions. A large, nationwide agency may seem daunting, but the major benefit is the reduced wait time. Babies can be adopted in less than a year– and even as soon as one month.

Alliance for Children
For the single parent looking to adopt, Alliance for Children streamlines the process. Within the domestic program [covering all 50 states], discrimination against sexual orientation, gender, religion, or race is prohibited. A potential issue involves the cost– this agency costs thousands more than the average domestic.

Adoptions Together
Praised for their work with the LGBTQ+ community, Adoptions Together seeks to make adoption possible for all types of families. Unlike most other agencies, they offer sliding scale fees based on annual gross income, thus enabling a wider range of financial backgrounds to be included.

Gladney Center for Adoption
Perhaps the most interesting component of the Gladney Center is their domestic all-inclusive fee of $55,000. This fee covers every expense during the adoption process. They offer comprehensive programs, international, and foster care adoptions. Additionally, four installments can be used to break down the total fee.

Families looking to adopt special needs children will want to speak with Spence-Chapin.
Each of their adoptees has significant medical issues that require extra care and patience. While many professional fees are excused with these adoptions, there may be additional costs such as travel, home study, etc.

Consider these seven adoption agencies to be quality organizations with a proven track record of success.  Do your own research, read the experiences of others, and ask questions.  Working in partnership with the right adoption agency lays a solid foundation for the expansion of your family and its love.