Adoption is a big step for couples and growing families alike . In the end, adoption might not be the path that is meant for everyone and that is just fine. Adopting is a BIG step.  So, what if you find that you are one of those couples or families that aren’t ready for adoption but still want to support the increasing number of youth in need? Below you can find some alternatives to adoption that you may not have known of or thought of before:


If you are unable to open your home to but still wish to open your heart to a child in foster care, mentoring might be the best route for you. Here a few organizations you can look into:


There are many programs that allow families to invite children from other countries to the United States to provide them with opportunities and experiences they would not have otherwise. Families are only able to host the child for one season, and while this is a short amount of time it will undoubtedly have an impact on everyone involved. A few organizations that assist with hosting include:


If you find yourself in a situation where you do not have the space in your home or the time to dedicate to adoption, consider making donations. The best part about donating is how simple the process is. There aren’t any applications that need to be filled out or approved, no required trainings, or home inspections. Simply find the foster agency closest to you and donate. Most foster agencies ask for school supplies, suitcases, clothes, and toys. You may even be able to donate directly to a foster family.